Do you have an Artisan Bath & Body Business?

If so, we have a library of training materials to help you grow, market and scale your business.

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The #1 Online Business School for Artisan Bath & Body Brands.

Learn how to market your brand, grow your wholesale accounts and scale your business to the next level

10 Steps to $10K Months Class

Scaling a business to levels beyond $10K in month in sales requires a plan. Follow the 10 steps to take your business to this level by setting clear goals, identifying the skills you need to master, and how to forecast the number of orders or accounts you will need to hit your revenue goal.

Learn how to make explain the benefits of your products without violating the FDA guidelines.

Interested in a particular topic? Here are links to a few of our blog posts that will help you take your business to the Next Level.


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4 Step Marketing Plan

Why People Visit Your Website and Don’t Buy

Finance & Pricing

When Will My Biz be Profitable?

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