Marketing Funnels for Artisan Bath & Body Brands

I often hear from emerging business owners that they are frustrated with the product sales from their website.  

They feel like people are seeing their social media posts,

visiting their website,

but not buying the products.

When you build a brand, there is inevitably a period of time where most people who come across you have NOT yet heard of your brand.

Every brand starts somewhere, and that place is obscurity.

Over time, as your market the brand and your products, people hear about the brand.  But most don’t buy right away.

Makes sense, right – think about all of the products you bought in the last year.  

How many of them did you buy immediately after hearing about the brand for the first time?

Industry statistics vary, but one reliable source at a recent event I went to cited that people need to cross paths with a brand 9+ times before purchasing.  

This is on average, so some people will buy right away, others will take ages.

BUT – if you plan for the average, and assume that most won’t buy right away, how can you use this information to your advantage and marketing to people with that understanding?

How can you get people into your ecosystem (marketers LOVE jargon like this) and convert them into buyers when they are ready?

The answer here is to create a marketing funnel (another fun marketing jargon concept).  

BUT the idea is to welcome people to your brand, make them feel comfortable, establish trust and when the person is ready, they will buy your products.

One of the rules in selling is that no one wants to feel sold, but people love to buy.

This is so true or shopping wouldn’t be the national pastime that it is.

How can you create a nurture program with a marketing funnel?

Option 1: Email funnel that educates, persuades and creates an emotional connection

What do I mean by educate?

Teach what you stand for, the value of your products, what problems your products help solve and why they should care.

What do I mean by persuade?

Change a pre-existing belief.  Offer a new perspective, offer a new solution.  people have opinions, lots of them, your role as marketer is to challenge some of those and offer an alternative. 

If you are good, the alternative is your product.

What is an emotional connection?

This is a feeling that people feel when they see your logo, photos of your products and other imagery that is connected to to your brand.  It is literally the vibe they get from you.  It is the root of why you like some brands, even if you never bought their products, and why you dislike others (again, without even having an experience directly).

How do you do this in an email funnel?

It is simply a set of emails, sent in a specific order that covers one or more of these areas.  

You can think of it as chipping away at a goal – one step at a time.

Option 2. FB ads funnel – more complex technically but you can target ads to people based on a lot of criteria – visited site, added to cart, abandoned cart, purchased in part, watched a video

Tech aside, you want to make sure that you are patient with your market and see your relationship as ongoing.  

Too many people tell me that ads don’t work for their brand – that is not true, and it usually the function of people expecting someone to see ONE ad and immediately buy.  

It just doesn’t happen that way.

People trust brands they know.

People buy from brands they trust.

People won’t trust you until they get to know you.

How are you build a relationship with your future customers?

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