At What Stage of Business Are You?

We like to think of businesses as having seasons of growth. Depending on what season you are in, we have different support and training for you. The seasons are:

  • Planting (the beginning stage)
  • Nurturing (the growth stage)
  • Harvesting (the scaling stage)
  • Renewal (the optimizing stage)

Once a business is past the initial launch period, the stages are not clearly delineated, which means there could be elements of harvest during nurture, and renewal while harvesting.

However, as a business owner, when you can review your business, and the projects you are focused on as primarily lying in one of the four stages, it can help map out an action plan


If you are a new brand, in the emerging stage, the following are priorities

  • Creating a business plan and roadmap
  • Product Pricing
  • Determination of target market

A business plan can sometimes be an intimidating concept because some new business owners feel they MUST have a complex and thorough plan lines out. While that is actually a great idea, at the end of the day, ANY PLAN is better than no plan.

If you are looking for a few resources on creating a plan for your biz, here you go:

Most newbie biz owners struggle with how to set prices, and fail to understand the importance of an effective pricing system. I like to use the idea of a “system” because it implies that there is logic behind how the price is calculated.

Here is a blog post on product pricing, and if you want quick course on how to create your own pricing system, here you go.

After pricing, the next important assignment for a brand is to determine who your target market is. For some people, this can be really challenging, so I have a perspective to offer you here:

And we actually help our clients figure this out using several proven methods. If you want to chat to see if we could help you with this, pick a time that works for you:

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