Using social Media to Drive online sales

Connecting with your target market using social media is one of the most cost effective methods of marketing available. 

The reason that it is so effective is that people can easily learn about you, or your brand, and quickly find your products online and buy them (just a few clicks from stranger to buyer).


You make this difficult.  

If you make it hard for people to get to your online store, you will lose the buyer and the sale.

How can you avoid this costly mistake?

Prime your profile.  

This means you set up your social media profile to support your business.

For some reason, some business owners have silly reasons for NOT doing this, however, if online sales for your business are important, put those excuses aside.

How to Prime-Your-Profile:

Step 1 – Set up your “bio” to explain what you do (what you offer to people) and links to your business pages or website.  Bio is section in upper left of page under your profile photo. Make this viewable to “public”

Step 2 – “Stack your profile” – Have 3-5 public posts about your products, are written to your target market or otherwise represent your business at the top of your personal profile.  Also make viewable to “public”

Step 3 – Set your messenger setting so that ANYONE can send you a FB message (it will go to the requests folder if you are not friends, so check that folder).  You can simply ignore or delete messages from undesirable people in the event you get them

Step 4 – Make sure your profile picture is a photo of YOU.  People want to connect a person to your company and brand. That starts with your brand having a face, hopefully a smiling face!

Step 5 – Look at your personal profile as an extension of your business.  Don’t post anything there that doesn’t reflect positively on you as CEO of your brand. No complaining about traffic, sharing what you had for lunch or other random things that have nothing to do with your business.  Don’t share links unless they relate to your target market and you have added insightful commentary at the top.

Step 6 – Post often.  Show your target market that you are active, that you are a leader and that you are always thinking of them

Here is how social media marketing can work to help you sell more online.

  1. A person in your target market comes across you, either in a FB group, or through a mutual friend or because they heard about you somewhere
  2. This person (let’s call them Buyer) looks you up on FB.  You are not FB “friends” as they are only hearing about you for the first time.  The only things they see on your profile are what the public settings allow
  3. Buyer can see from your bio that you have a business that sells X to a specific target market. 
  4. Buyer can read a few posts at the top of your feed that show your leadership, the value you are offering and that you are honest, honorable and someone they want to buy from
  5. At top of bio link, they can find the link to your business page, which has an easy to find link to your website
  6. If the buyer had a question, you have made it easy for them to send you a PM that you respond to quickly

When you prime your profile, you welcome new buyers into your brand seamlessly, and at no financial cost to you at all.  This is a very effective way to use social media to build your brand, attract buyers and sell more of your products.

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